CSTF Online Consultation Full Report

The Civil Society Task Force on drugs (CSTF) conducted an online consultation of 461 Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) respondents from 100 countries and territo- ries in the fall of 2018. This report contains the full results of the consultation. 

CSTF Speaker Selection Guidelines

A key element of the CSTF’s work is selecting high quality civil society speakers for events and meetings leading up to, and at, the Ministerial Segment 2019. To ensure the broadest possible representation the CSTF steering group and CSTF working groups tasked with the selection of speakers commit to follow these guidelines. 

CSTF Policy for the Awarding of Travel Grants

Wherever possible, the CSTF will ensure that some funding is available to support the travel and related costs for civil society speakers to participate in the CND meetings in Vienna. Where this is available, the following process will be followed to ensure the transparent and fair allocation of any awards, and the efficient use of grants.