Youth RISE

Morgana Daniele, Representative for Affected Populations: Youth

Morgana Daniele is the International Coordinator of Youth RISE and a representative of young people as an affected population on the CSTF. Prior to becoming the leader of global youth organization, Morgana had developed her expertise in drug policy in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Growing up in the region where people who use drugs are highly marginalized and their human rights continuously violated, Morgana felt the urge to stand up for the vulnerable and seek changes for her community. This sense of community has been her main drive since and Civil Society Task Force is another space where their voice can sound louder. 


On CSTF Morgana is trying to ensure that experiences of the young generation are taken into account when drug policies are discussed. Youth RISE has been working to mobilise and train young people who use drugs from across the world so that they become more active in representing their needs and take part in drug policy debates locally, regionally and internationally. Our organization believes that the young generation of people who use drugs should strive to protect themselves from dehumanizing drug policies, stand up for evidencebased changes that would not only lead to better health, but, more importantly, allow the re-establishment of human dignity.


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