Centros Integración Juvenil (CIJ)

Carmen Fernandez Cáceres, Representative for North America

Carmen Fernández Cáceres is the General Director of Centros de Integración Juvenil (CIJ) which is a Mexican non-profit civil association founded in 1969, with the objective of addressing drug abuse among young people. Today, CIJ has almost 5 decades of experience carrying out activities aimed at prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, harm reduction and scientific research on drug use in Mexico. Over the years, the institution has expanded its structure, programs and services, based on a shared commitment to society. Its national network is made up of 117 units distributed throughout Mexico; 11 are Hospitalization and 2 are Clinics of Attention to Users of Heroin (Methadone substitution treatment), located in strategic areas and high risk of drug abuse.


Carmen Fernández is member of the Civil Society Task Force group as Regional Representative of North America. Participation within this group is of high relevance for CIJ due to the exchange of different views from specialists from many countries that make up the CSTF. The purpose is to have the opportunity to collaborate in the creation and definition of public policies on drugs that are congruent with the region characteristics and to have access to a worldwide approach and exchange of experiences based on scientific evidence, best practices, promotion of successful programs, as well as cooperation in technical matters. Mrs. Fernández hopes to continue with the collaborative work in order to promote the best drug policies with the participation of the community with gender and human rights approach.


You can contact Carmen at cfernandez@cij.gob.mx