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Civil Society Task Force on Drugs


            Building on the successful experiences of Beyond 2008 and the UNGASS 2016, a similar structure has been approved for the Ministerial Segment of 2019 to serve as the official liaison between the United Nations and civil society in the preparatory process of and at UNGASS 2016.

  1. The CSTF’s overall goal is to secure a comprehensive and meaningful participation of civil society actors in the Ministerial Segment preparations.  


The Civil Society Task Force will be composed of 35 members divided in the following categories:
  1. 7 Members of the Steering Committee

    • 2 Co-Chair (VNGOC and NYNGOC)

    • 2 Vice Chairs (VNGOC and NYNGOC)

    • Communications Officer

    • Outreach Officer

    • Fundraising Officer 

  2. 18 Members coming from the following geographical regions (2 members for each region) in alphabetical order:

    • Eastern Europe and Central Asia

    • Latin America and the Caribbean

    • Middle East and North Africa

    • North America

    • Oceania

    • South Asia

    • South-East Asia and East Asia and the Pacific

    • Sub-Saharan Africa

    • Western Europe

  3. 5 Members of affected populations:
    • Farmers

    • Recovered Users

    • Families

    • People who use drugs

    • Youth

  4. 5 Members representing a global voice on: 
    • Alternative Development
    • Prevention

    • Harm Reduction

    • Criminal Justice

    • Palliative Care / Essential Medicines